Specified All Risk Insurance And What You Need To Know

Reports on crime are escalating on a daily basis. From home burglaries, shop looting and theft, car hijacking, ATM bombings, street muggings-the list is endless. All these are the kind of crime risks that ordinary citizens are faced with on a daily basis. Taking out life insurance cover or accidental cover is not enough.

Your personal belongings too need to be covered in this crime infested society we live in. it has become literally necessary to take out insurance cover for everything that one owns. For all personal items and household effects less than R1500, unspecified all risk insurance cover is available. For all items with a value above R1500, specified all risk insurance cover is available, to give you that necessary peace of mind which we all need.

What is specified all risk insurance and how does it work?

Specified all risk insurance cover is insurance cover available to cover all individual items whose value is above R1500. As the name suggests, this cover requires that these times be specified per time, in order for them to be covered. In most instances, theses are items that one would keep for a longer period of time and are not changed on a daily basis. Computers, laptops, smart phones, cameras, engagement ring, wedding rings, expensive jewellery would fall under this category.

Depending on what your insurer offers, one can claim between R70 000 to R85 000 per item, with specified all risk insurance cover. In most cases however, specified risk cover needs to be taken with other insurance like contents cover, vehicle insurance amongst others.

Why specified all risk insurance cover?

Taking out specified all risk insurance cover is not only recommended but has also become compulsory in the times we live in. Anyone can fall prey to a mugging, pick-pocket incident, burglary, car hijacking, office break-in and many other incidents and when this happens, loss of personal items, especially expensive items is inevitable. Specified all risk insurance cover will ensure that you have replacement of the very items lost or stolen without having to save for months to purchase them again.

Furthermore, taking out all risk insurance, specifically specified all risk insurance will give you peace of mind wherever you are, whether at work, at home or on holiday somewhere. Knowing that everything you own is protected will give you peaceful nights and restful days. Knowing that what you own is protected will also help you to focus on other things and worry less. In this harsh economic climate, not everything one loses can be replaced easily, but when covered, you can be sure that you will get a replacement of stolen. Lost or damaged items.

Specified all risk insurance cover –the smart choice

It is not only trendy in the 21st century to take out insurance cover for personal items; it is also the smart choice. While some still prefer to drift about life with no protection whatsoever for items they value the most, the more cautious members of society choose to protect all they have, in order to sleep better at night. Some would dismiss it as a serious case of paranoia, however taking out all risk cover remains the smart choice for those who value their belongings and know what is at stake once disaster strikes.