Compare Car Insurance

You are in the market for buying a new car, an exciting but also daunting project. One of the last things we consider when buying a car is the insurance cover, it should actually be one of our first considerations.

If you first research what your new car’s insurance is going to cost you monthly, and why, you may even change your mind about the car you consider buying. So, before you sign on the dotted line, first find out what the insurance is going to set you back monthly.

When you are buying a brand new car, the dealer will usually offer to arrange your insurance for you. Don’t just accept what they offer you before you have done your own research. Take your time to get at least three different quotes before you decide on the one that will best suit your individual needs.

Where to get your car insurance quotes:

You can phone around or even better, do your research on the Internet. All the insurance companies have online quoting systems nowadays. There are even sites that will get a number of quotes for you and you only have to fill in your details once; they are called Insurance Quote Aggregator Sites. You may also have an existing insurance broker who you can approach for a quote. Also, ask your friends and family.

Once you have your different quotes you need to compare them; what do you look for? The best is to make a list of all your individual car insurance requirements and then to rate the companies policies on how well they will meet your needs.

1. In today’s economic climate, for most of us price will be the main differentiator. Don’t let it be the only one however. You may be surprised at the difference in price from different companies, therefore don’t just accept the first quote.

2. The company’s record and history. You want to deal with a company with an excellent track record. Do they hassle to pay out; how long do they take to process claims; how easy are there processes; are they financially stable? Are they easily accessible, do you feel comfortable dealing with them? Do they treat you with respect as a valued client?

3. Their service: How they handle your request for a quote will already give you an indication of their level of service. How fast did they get back to you? Do they provide personal service? If you are impressed by a company, ask your friends and family, you will find someone who is a client of the company you are considering already. The best reference will be from people you know and trust. You can also find details online of how customers rate the various insurance companies. Look for independent sites to get an accurate and unbiased picture.

4. Flexibility: You want a car insurance policy tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Are they flexible enough to incorporate your specific requests?

5. Do they offer the type of car insurance you want, for example some companies will not insure you if you are not over 25 years of age.

6. Compare all the benefits, excess amounts and if there is a limit to the number of claims you can make. Do you get a cheaper rate should you combine your household content and car insurance policy? Companies nowadays offer anything from roadside assistance to towing and storage, medical and trauma assistance, home emergencies and even legal assistance. Make sure you read the fine print. These services may or may not be important to you.

7. Cash back bonus: Many companies offer cash back bonuses if you do not make any claims within a specified period. Compare these.

8. Quotes should be given free, don’t pay for them, the companies want your business.

9. Compare the different company’s policies with regards to other people driving your car.

10. Do you get a reduction for safety equipment installed in your car?

11. Do you qualify for a reduced rate if you are over 55, or a woman?

Make your decision once you are happy that you have find the product you want.

Knowledge is power, do your homework before you accept any insurance quote.