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Welcome to Insurance South Africa, your one stop guide for Car and Household Insurance in South Africa.

Our aim is to assist you in understanding the complex world of Insurance and show the different types of Car and Household Insurance, as well as questions you should ask your Insurance Company of broker, plus some useful ways to help your lower your Insurance premiums.

At the end of the day the key question is “Are you paying to much for Household and Car Insurance in South Africa”.

Read on to find out what Policies are available, what cash back incentives are offered and what to look out for when buying Insurance.

Choosing the right Insurance company to insure your most valuable assets is vital for peace of mind in today’s modern world, it’s taken you a lifetime to accumulate what you have and it only makes sense to insure those possessions from the bad elements of our society.

When choosing an Insurance Company, it’s important to distinguish between the Insurance Company, itself, and the Insurance Brokers. These are two different processes, and there are different questions you should ask in each case. For more information on this go to our Insurance Information Pages and click on Things to ask your Broker.

Also take a look at our Insurance Information pages, It will give you a clearer understanding on how to lower you Car and Household Insurance Premiums.

If you are a First Time Insurer we strongly recommend you read Insurance Information Pages. It will give you a clearer understanding of how an Insurance policy works and includes a great case study.

If you already know what you are looking for, and are hoping to lower your Insurance premiums, read our article on Insurance Pitfalls to avoid or just fill in our online quotation form.

Six Good Reasons

If you still need more info, please feel free to browse through our website, but here are six excellent reasons why it pays to go DIRECT with US:

1. Seriously Affordable – By going direct, not only can you save up to 25% by cutting out the middleman, but you’ll also get an additional 5% discount when you request an eQuote on-line.

2. Incredibly simple – No more endless piles of paperwork! One quick call is all it takes to get instant insurance cover.

3. Completely convenient – A broker keeps office hours – we don’t! Day or night, our skilled consultants are available to answer your questions.

4. Always accessible – When trouble strikes, we’re open all day everyday! Submit your Claims online 24 hours a day, even on public holidays.

5. Unbelievably rewarding – The Bucks Back Bonus gives you 25% of your cash back, or your first years premiums, paid back to you at the end of 4 years*

6. Entirely transparent – We don’t hide behind fine print and we don’t believe in hidden costs.